Your living room is where you gather with loved ones and where you entertain guests. It should be a welcoming and comfortable place. And the furniture you choose should also fit your style and taste — after all, you’re the one who will be living with it for years to come! High-quality living room furniture is an investment, and as you make your decision as to what pieces to purchase, you should keep a few things in mind. First, measure the size of your space. Often, customers come into our furniture shop and they fall in love with a couch only to realize when it is delivered that it doesn’t fit in their room. Pieces look different in a showroom than they will in your living room! You can also visualize where you think the living room furniture will go and how you will arrange it. You should also consider the type of use and the amount of durability you will need. Do you have children and pets? A leather sofa with a detachable cover may be right for you. If your room gets less wear and tear, you can try softer fabrics, like velvet. After taking these practical questions into consideration, consider style. Your home is an expression of your personality — pick pieces that you love! Stop into Durango Furniture & Mattress and our friendly salespeople will help walk you through every step in the process.

The best dining room table is one that works for your budget, fits your space, and is solidly constructed. We say it every day, and it’s worth repeating: high-quality furniture is worth the investment! We offer flexible payment plans, so if you’re concerned about how to furnish your room with quality essential pieces, we’re more than happy to work with you to create a payment plan that fits your needs. When choosing your dining room furniture, it’s important to try it out in person. Stop into Durango Furniture & Mattress and try sitting at one of our tables and think about how it would feel to sit there for a full Thanksgiving dinner or how your kids would feel sitting at the table doing their homework. You should also consider how durable you need the furniture to be and how you will be using it. Finally, consider the space you are trying to furnish. You want enough seating and a floor plan that allows everyone to sit down comfortably. If you have a smaller space, we also have a selection of pub stables and bar stools. And if you’re in need of storage, we have servicing carts, wine racks, buffets, curio cabinets, and more! Browse our online selection and visit our furniture shop to see the pieces in person!


Your bedroom is your oasis, a space to retreat from the stressors of the outside world. It’s also the room in your home where you can choose furniture that best fits your personal needs and style, because unlike other rooms in your house, you’re the only one using this room! Here at Durango Furniture & Mattress, we encourage our clients to really think about what type of bedroom furniture that will create the mood they’re looking for. We also suggest that you start with essential pieces first, and then build around them. Your bed is most likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, and you should consider not only what type of headboard and frame you’re looking for, but also where you will place it in the room. A bedroom is all about balance and harmony, so place a nightstand on either side of the bed. When considering nightstands, think about how you will use them. Do you need storage for books or other essentials or room for a lamp? Next, think about how much storage you’ll need for clothing or other items and choose a dresser based on those needs. If you’re choosing furniture for a guest bedroom or a kids room, be sure to select furniture that is suited to the user of the room. As always, we’re more than happy to talk with you about your needs and your budget. Browse or visit our furniture shop today!

A new mattress can relieve back pain, reduce stress, and help you sleep better! Plus, did you know you should get a new mattress every 7 to 10 years? Old mattresses collect allergens and dust mites, and they also eventually lose the support that cushions your body. If you’re been getting out of bed each morning in pain, your mattress may be the problem. Because we sleep on the same bed every single night, it’s easy to get used to the way your mattress slopes towards the middle, or how it’s just not quite as supportive as it used to be. When you come into Durango Furniture & Mattress and lay down on one of our high-quality mattresses or mattress sets, you’ll immediately be able to tell the difference. And we bet you won’t regret the investment when you wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated the first morning you wake up on your new mattress! We have a wide selection of name-brand furniture, including Ashley Furniture, Coaster, Signature Design, and Sierra Sleep. And we offer a variety of types of mattress, from pillow top, to plush, gel, adjustable bed bases, and more! Browse online or stop by our furniture store and start sleeping better.

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