Move-In Checklist: Do You Have These 9 Pieces Of Furniture?

Down here in Durango, we get to experience all that southern Colorado has to offer. With the hiking, hot springs, and small-town feel, you have all you could need here. If you’re lucky enough to live in or move to Durango, then you’ll need new furniture for your home.

Willis Furniture should be your go-to source for furniture for sale in Durango. We offer new and used furniture and we have the highest of standards for quality and design. Read below to find out what furniture you’ll absolutely need for when you move in, and then visit Willis Furniture today to browse furniture for sale in Durango!

Bedroom Furniture is better in a new home when you’re not sleeping on the floor — trust us.

1. Mattress

You’ll need a mattress set for your new home. Luckily for you, queen mattress sets or really any mattresses don’t have to break the bank. Find mattress discounters or a mattress clearance when you first move.

2. Bed frame

Home bedroom furniture isn’t complete without a home for your new mattress. You can go as simple or as ornate as you want when buying a bed frame.

3. Nightstand

You’ll need a home for your books, phone, water, or anything else you like to keep by your bedside. Custom furniture could even be a good option!

4. Dresser

Dressers for sale will come in a variety of styles. We suggest finding something sturdy and stylish. Make sure to find one with enough drawer space.

Living Room Furniture’ll want to have a housewarming once you move in, but that won’t be much fun if everyone is sitting uncomfortably on the floor of your living room.

5. Couch

Evaluate your needs:

Do you have a dog? Don’t choose white! Do you have a large family or lots of friends? Maybe a sectional or a couch and loveseat option would be best.

6. Coffee Table

Is there anything better than putting up your feet after a long day away from home? Coffee tables allow this, of course, but they also provide more storage for you!

7. Entertainment Table

Any modern furniture store should have a variety of entertainment tables for you to choose from. Find an entertainment table that’s a good height for when you watch TV.

Dining Room Furniture all your dinner parties — and even just a normal weekday dinner — you’ll want stylish, quality, and dependable dining room furniture.

8. Table

Again, evaluate your needs:

Do you need a max of two settings at your table? Or do you need as much table space as possible? Consider finding a dining room table with a leaf so you always have the right size.

9. Chairs

What’s a dining room table without chairs? Finding furniture for sale should always include looking for chairs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match chair styles if you want!

Find Furniture For Sale In Durango With Us!

When you’re moving into a new home, everything can feel exciting and new. It’s best to find a furniture shop and go to town — before you succumb to living with boxes and an incomplete living room. Find room styles and furniture that inspire you and make you excited to decorate and make your space home. At Willis Furniture, we’re sure we’re the local furniture store that can make this a reality.

We have a variety of furniture for sale, including everything on this list. Whether you’re looking for custom furniture, used furniture, new furniture, mattress sets, or anything else, we’re the best furniture store for you! Visit us in Durango today to browse all of our furniture for sale.