Make Your Furniture Look Its Best Before Taking It To A Used Furniture Store

We’ve all been in a local thrift store and seen that one couch — you know the one. With its stains, torn upholstery, and missing pillow, it’s unlikely to sell.

By doing a few simple cleaning tasks before dropping off furniture at a used furniture store, you can ensure the store will accept your piece and that people will actually want to buy it! For a used furniture store in Durango, you can count on Willis Furniture. We have second hand furniture that ranges from used office furniture to used sofas and more. Visit our used furniture store in Durango today to check us out for yourself!

Check Furniture Tags For Guidance

If your well-loved furniture still has tags on it (or you know where the tags are), then check it out to make sure you clean everything properly. These tags may even offer suggestions for cleaning. This will ensure your furniture looks its best and is more likely to sell at your used furniture store.

Use Safe Cleaning Materials

Look up what cleaning materials are best for upholstery, leather, suede, wood, and more. For example, you need to be very careful with what you use to clean suede — your used sofa won’t sell if it has stains from you trying to clean it.

Put In Some Elbow Grease

And, lastly, you have to put in some work! Grab your vacuum to remove dog hair, crumbs, and more from your used sofa; work with rags to fully clean your leather furniture; and scrub hard to make sure your used office furniture is as clean as can be.

Visit Our Used Furniture Store Today

Looking for “used furniture stores near me”? We caught you! Visit Willis Furniture today to sell — and maybe even shop for! — second hand furniture. Better yet, sell used furniture easily when you send us a photo of your piece.