Environmental Benefits Of Shopping At A Used Furniture Store

Used furniture stores are popping up across the country. Not only is buying second-hand good for your wallet, but it’s also good for our planet! Buying pre-owned furniture (and clothing or other home goods) is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Think of it as a recycling system, but one where you also get to furnish your home with high-quality, unique furniture!

So today on the Willis Furniture blog, we’re talking about the environmental benefits of shopping locally in Durango for used furniture.


Environmental Benefits

Taking care of the environment can feel like a giant, insurmountable problem that should be left to corporations or the government. But one of the easiest things we can do to help the environment is to make small changes to our daily lives. Do you carry a reusable water bottle? Or bring your own bags to the grocery store? Separate your recycling? Then you already know how easy some eco-friendly habits can be!

When you buy used furniture, you’re making good use of something that may otherwise have ended up in a landfill. In our Durango new and used furniture store, our used furniture comes from owners who simply don’t want their furniture any more. Maybe they’re moving across the country or are trying to mix things up with their own furniture, but the items they bring are in are perfectly good condition and can be used for a lot more years!

For every second-hand couch, there’s one less brand-new couch that needs to be made. And that means you’re saving a lot of resources, from textiles and wood to the energy that goes into production. 

Think of your new-to-you couch as living a new life in your home. We know that you care about your home and the furniture within it — otherwise, you wouldn’t be interested in Willis Furniture or be reading this blog! One way we can show we care about what we bring into our home is by thinking of where it comes from. And buying local and second hand is one of the best ways to do so.

Societal Benefits

We’re biased, but we believe that Durango is the most beautiful cities in the most beautiful states in the country. People come to Durango to hike or fly fish in San Juan National Forest; to see the sun set behind Chimney Rock; to walk through the elaborate cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde.

Having used furniture stores in a community is a way of developing a culture of recycling. Without the option to buy second-hand, people’s only option is to shop for new furniture. For over ten years, Willis Furniture has been offering our community both used and new furniture options. 

Our rivers, mountains, and forests are part of what makes the Four Corners unique. And it’s important for our community and businesses to be as eco-friendly as possible! 

Shop Quality Used Furniture In Durango

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